Hexagon High Peak Tent 35’x40′

The 35'x40' High Peak Hexagon is an amazing tent. When inside this tent it feels very spacious because the ceiling is much higher than the other tents. It has a 100 square foot space and it can hold up to ten round tables.

One other great thing about this tent is that it has six sides and each side could attach itself to a 20'x20' tent so you can accommodate just about any size party with this tent.

Tentnology makes superior quality tents that in every way satisfies the customer and this is why we use their products. The High Peak tents have a look and feel that greatly surpasses that of pole tents which are still commonly used. There is just one center pole that is suspended on two thin cables which makes the tent ceiling look more spacious.

$ 549.99 - 2 DAY RENTAL
$ 199.99 - EXTRA DAY
$ 999.99 - WEEK